Have A Party or Event Coming Up? Want to Learn More about your Favorite Wines? Need to take your ordinary cocktail into extraordinary? or simply just want to have some fun with your friends and taste some great wines and spirits? Our staff are happy to help guide you in curating your next wine selection or teach you about mixology and pairing what wines to eat with what foods.

Call for more information: 719.439.WINE

‚ÄčExplore the world from our tasting room table... Taste a great selection curated for your enjoyment every Saturday with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  

Free wine, ale, and liquor tastings available to all those over 21 years of age. Four tastes will help guide you to a great selection in the store and a chance to taste things you may not have been familiar with before.

Learn about the culture, craft and the passion of wines, ales and spirits from around the globe right in our tasting room. Our staff are trained and knowledgeable in the world of wines and cocktails. And can match your palate whether sweet, big and bold, classic old world style or new world character, we'll find the right libation just for you...